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SW Umwelttechnik stabilized half-year profit

SW Umwelttechnik stabilized half-year profit

Thanks to the strong demand situation, Kärntner SW Umwelttechnik increased sales significantly in the first half of the year and profits stabilized. Sales revenue “with good business development” increased by 33 per cent to €58.6 million, and operating performance increased from €45.5 to €60 million. As in the same period of the previous year, the profit after tax was 3.8 million euros.

The weakness of the Hungarian national currency, the forint, was reported to have affected the financial result, which deteriorated year-on-year from minus 0.4 million euros to minus 0.7 million euros. Foreign exchange valuations were minus 1.1 million euros, after plus 0.2 million euros in the same period the previous year. Despite the negative financial result, profit before tax remained at last year’s level and remained unchanged at 4.4 million euros.

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