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Lineup – News from Manker Beserlpark

Created March 07, 2023 | 13:15

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The team at the Beiserlpark Cultural Association are looking forward to welcoming many visitors in July.

Surlpark Cultural Association

FifthFrom July 27th to 29th, there will be dancing and festivities again in the Manker Beserlpark.

Last week, the Besserlpark Cultural Association presented the new line-up for the 28th Besserlpark Festival in July. As usual, the artists cover all possible genres of music that invite you to dance and party. Musician King Jacob Kammer will open the weekend on Thursday 27th July with the rap project “Servant Albrecht”. “As a representative of German storytelling, he brings his own personal experiences and social critique to the stage with irony, eloquence and verve,” says Elisabeth Schreiner, co-organizer of the festival. Immediately after, Steinakirchen’s Verena Koppensteiner teased fans with her solo project “Ivery”.

But not only at the regional level, but also at the international level, the cultural festival brings people together. “We also have bands from Germany and even the USA in Mank,” says Schreiner. For example “SiEA” from Munich and “Blaqrock” from Chicago.

New Council of the Cultural Association

After eight years at the helm of the Becerlpark Cultural Association, Marcus Lechner handed over the reins of government to Armin Mahmoudzadeh. Elisabeth Schreiner is present as deputy. Carl Omgher is new to the group: Auditor will support Gregor Sandler as Deputy Auditor.