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Listen?  The former manager of Britney Spears denies the allegations

Listen? The former manager of Britney Spears denies the allegations

Britney Spears (39) She has been fighting in court for months to end her 13-year sentence. The singer managed to score her first small win recently when her father officially served as her guardian turned off. During the trial, Britney made serious allegations against several people around her, including her former manager Lou Taylor. Lu .’s lawyers argue britneys The accusations now, however, are severe.

The 39-year-old was accused of, among other things, checking her medication and wiretapping her bedroom. In new court documents that the people Available, however, Brett’s former manager doesn’t want to know anything about her. On behalf of their company, Tri Star says: “No one in Tri-Star had any control over Mrs. Spears’ medical treatments. Nobody in Tri-Star suggested monitoring Mrs. Spears’ electronic communications. No one in the Tri Star was ever authorized to take the security records. No one in the Tri Star is aware of the electronic eavesdropping devices hidden in Mrs. Spears’ bedroom.”

Just a few days ago Britney Also her mother Lynn Spears In a post on social media serious allegations made. Among other things, she claimed that flexible 13 years ago was the idea of ​​guardianship in the first place. Besides, I did flexible Lulu is responsible for “destroying her life”. Her former manager also appears to have indicated this in court documents. He goes on to say that Tri Star is not done yet Britney She worked when she started her guardianship in 2008, so the company has nothing to do with the foundation of the guardianship.

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