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Tom Kaulitz looks at his behavior: 'He became violent too'

Tom Kaulitz looks at his behavior: ‘He became violent too’

Tom and Bill Kaulitz have just started the second season of the ‘Kaulitz Hills’ podcast.Photo: dpa / Gerald Matzka

Bill and Tom Kaulitz have been in the Tokio Hotel for over 15 years – and have been traveling the world regularly to concerts and other events since their youth. Since the twins lived in Los Angeles at the latest, they have to accept long flights and subsequent customs control several times a year.

Recently had the two of them and Tom’s wife Heidi Klum Back for some dates to Germany, including promotional events Berlin. Now the three are back in Los Angeles, and have been closely scrutinized by customs officials.

While the Kaulitz brothers were simply annoyed with the controls today, Tom often overstepped the situation in the past and provoked the officers – And not without ulterior, selfish motives, as he now recalls with his brother Bill on their joint podcast.

Tom Kaulitz explains how he got more free time

In “Kaulitz Hills – Mustard from Hollywood”, the two 32-year-olds always discuss the experiences of the past week. One of the topics of conversation, of course, was the trip back to the United States, when there was turmoil again, That Heidi always suffers from. This time Tom was also weak in consoling her, as he usually does, for he was quite weary and all night from appointments in Berlin.

It was very upsetting when Bill, Tom and Heidi were pulled over and checked by customs after an 11 hour flight. “Of course you’re totally discriminated against by L.A. officials, I hate it like the plague”Bill immediately complained on the podcast. The reason for the subtle controls is the appearance of the Kaulitz twins: “Guitar, long hair, tattoo, nose ring and they think of pulling it off right away.”

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Tom added, “We pulled off and you weren’t being nice. I was relatively nice because I’ve always been at odds: If I’m rude, it’s going to take longer.” And also: “I always think to myself, ‘Come on, they’re always annoying, but then you answer a question or two and then things go faster than if I’m angry now. I learned in my youth.'” And at that time things were always going well, as Bell immediately recalled of his brother:

“You used to be taken to a separate area, banned from lists and then banned from flying with several airlines.”

The guitarist noted: “I also became violent at that time.” But he also wanted to make sure that the entry didn’t work. Because that means more free time. Tom said of the questionable party break, “Sometimes I didn’t want to go to the countries either. If they wouldn’t let me in, I wouldn’t be able to work, I’d go home again. It’s okay too.” . However, the musician did not clarify what exactly he meant by said hands.

Bale remembers the uncomfortable situation of the fans in Berlin

Bell also had an unpleasant experience, but before leaving for United States of America. During one evening in a Paris bar, where he met designer Wolfgang Joop, there was also an unpleasant meeting with a fan: “She was so arrogant, this woman. The only thing missing is that she kissed me. She has me with her husband like that a story assault”Bell complained.

While Tom then said he “mistreated him again,” Bell explained that he was very patient at first: “When I already sat down and I Essen The woman kept coming up to me and trying to pull me away. He’s been gossiping to me for ten minutes while I’m having dinner with my friends.”

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It ended with the fact that “half the shop wanted photos and autographs.” – He ran abroad for a short time. The fan followed him there, too. In the end, he had to tell the woman that he wanted to enjoy his time with his friends, whom he doesn’t see often. It has finally paid off.

All the best for Bill and Tom’s nerves is that they’re less well known in Los Angeles – which was why they moved on a few years ago.