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“Little trance” with Heidenheim promotion coach Schmidt

“Little trance” with Heidenheim promotion coach Schmidt

Promotion coach Frank Schmidt is feeling good about his 1. FC Heidenheim’s first season in the Oberhaus football club. “I’m not very elated because now it’s about pre-season. I’ve told the team that the celebrations have to end, especially when it comes to preparation,” said Schmidt at the start of training on the left of the newcomer. to the sky.

For Schmidt, the pitching festivities are over


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For the stark outsider, it’s all about staying in the league. “We are in the Bundesliga for the first time, everything is new for us and we have to improve. Our clear goal is to keep the division and we want to do everything we can from the first day to the last,” stressed Schmidt. (49).

The fact that hardly anyone believes that the “village club” from the Swabian Jura is capable of doing a miracle does not matter to him, Schmitt continues: “We have enough motivation because it is something special for us to play in the first Bundesliga. It is not normal at the end of the day We have to believe in ourselves and perform.”

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