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Liverpool FC - Arsenal: The Reds clearly beat Arsenal - Jurgen Klopp and Mikel Arteta fight

Liverpool FC – Arsenal: The Reds clearly beat Arsenal – Jurgen Klopp and Mikel Arteta fight

Liverpool were the best and most determined team from the start. However, Arsenal managed to play the best chance in the early stages. After a cross pass by Takehiro Tomaisu, Bukayo Saka headed home, but Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain cleared it in the last second (16).

The first real top-tier player in the game was outclassed by the Reds. After a cross from Trent Alexander-Arnold, Thiago hit the second post, but failed in front of Aaron Ramsdale. Sadio Mane followed, but Ramsdale repelled again (29).

Shortly thereafter, the supposed advance of the Gunners was rejected – Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was offside in front of Alexandre Lacazette (31).

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Klopp Zoff explains with Arteta: ‘This bothers me a lot’

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Arsenal continued to make exciting mistakes in the game. So Ben White lost the ball on the right in front of his team’s penalty area, so that Mane could send Costas Tsimikas, who sent Mohamed Salah on the edge of the five. However, the Egyptian shot himself (35).

After just four minutes, the hosts took a deserved lead: after a free kick by Trent Alexander-Arnold, Mane headed between two defenders and left Ramsdale without any chance.

After the break, the Gunners stopped playing and the young players made mistakes. Albert Sambi Lukonga played two disastrous bad passes in front of the 16th in the first five minutes. One led to a serious finish by Oxlade-Chamberlain, who shot right (50).

Just two minutes later, Nuno Tavares played a crucial cross by Diogo Jota, who danced Ramsdale and converted (52nd place) – the initial decision.

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Arsenal succumbed to constant pressure from the Reds, but still had a good chance of scoring the next goal. Lacazette played a powerful pass to the top, where Aubameyang caught Alisson Becker with his shot in the far corner (66). On the other hand, the stand-alone Jota failed after a strong preparatory work by Salah on the strong Ramsdale (69th place).

But the strong Arsenal goalkeeper was also weak twice in the final stages: Jota extended the ball forcefully to Mane, who sent Salah again at the far post in front of the goal – 3-0 (73).

After Alisson Becker hit the Arsenal shot from Thomas Partey from the corner (75), substitute Takumi Minamino put the end point (77). This ended Arsenal’s strong streak after eight games in a row unbeaten.

Diogo Jota (b) Jubilt – Liverpool vs. Arsenal

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Game sounds:

Mikel Arteta (Arsenal coach): “The first half was very competitive. We were good in the game, they had chances, but we also had chances. We were denied a goal, then we conceded ourselves with a free kick. After the break we had to be patient and then we played but we did the exact opposite.” In the first 15 or 20 minutes of the second half we ruined our game and easily gave the ball the way.”

Virgil van Dijk (Liverpool): “We totally deserved to win. We showed how strong we are and can be a strong team. You have to be brave with the ball and press your opponent and then show their weaknesses. Overall, it was a perfect evening.”

Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool): “It was exactly what we needed, what we expected of ourselves. We were so disappointed by the defeat before the international break, a team of our quality shouldn’t lose a game. In this league, losing points can be very expensive. But today we reported In the best way possible. Clean score, four goals – we couldn’t ask for more.”

Klopp furious: ‘It’s not true’

Tweet about the game:

Notable: Klopp and Arteta brawl

In the 33rd minute, the air on the sidelines briefly burned: after a duel between Mane and Takehiro Tomiasu, in which the Liverpool player supposedly used his elbow too high, Arsenal coach Arteta freaked out and went to Jurgen Klopp. The German wouldn’t allow himself to be asked twice – as the crowd swung, both bitterly at each other – Arteta seemed to dislike the Reds’ ruthlessness, and Klopp felt attacked and barked. Intervention of members of the technical staff and the fourth referee.

At one point it got too fiery for referee Michael Oliver. Show both of them the yellow card. Klopp later explained: “It was so clean, no one touched each other in a duel, at least not in a way that was enough to make a mistake.” I asked him: What do you want for him? what do you want? I think it’s always wrong to be against Sadio in situations like this. He is a physical player, but he does not make difficult mistakes.”

stats: 100

The provisional 3-0 scoreline for Mohamed Salah was Liverpool’s 100th Premier League goal against Arsenal. Only against Newcastle United the Reds scored more goals than against Arsenal (105).

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