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The semi-finals of the ATP Finals are now on the live stream

The semi-finals of the ATP Finals are now on the live stream

Tensions escalate into the ATP Finals, and Alexander Zverev competes against Novak Djokovic today. Here you can follow the match in the live broadcast.

ATP Finals, Semi-finals

Alexander Zverev

Novak Djokovic

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Alexander Zverev vs Novak Djokovic: ATP Finals semi-finals now live

A. Zverev – N. Djokovic 1: 2

Zverev must attack Djokovic’s second serve and play bravely. The German does as well, but Djokovic hits better again in the decisive stage and makes it 2-1.

A. Zverev – N. Djokovic 1: 1

Zverev definitely needs his first serve against Djocker and finds the match good in that regard. The German hits 2 aces and makes it 1:1.

A. Zverev – N. Djokovic 0:1

Tailor-made start from a favorite’s perspective. Djokovic did very well and progressed from scratch.

A Zverev – N Djokovic 0:0

Djokovic opens the match and both players give each other a long run. Zverev makes a backhand foul at the end, so the first point goes to Djoker.

Alexander Zverev vs Novak Djokovic: The ATP Finals Now Live – Match Start

Before start: Players are on the field and play by themselves again. In a few minutes you can start in Northern Italy!

Before start: In addition to winning the Olympics, Alexander Zverev managed to score two more successes against the Serbian. 2017 in Rome and 2018 in the then ATP Finals. Meanwhile, the other seven encounters went to Novak Djokovic, who last defeated Zverev in the US Open semi-finals.

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Before start: On the other hand, with Alexander Zverev there is a person who is not only in good shape, but also knows how to beat Djoker in important tournaments. In the Olympic semi-finals, the German beat the 34-year-old in the summer and then reached the gold medal. In today’s match, the Hamburg player may have to remember that and, above all, repeat the performance of the last group match against Hurkacz, because Zverev played very well there.

Before start: Against Casper Rudd, Novak Djokovic had a difficult start to the tournament in the first match. The Serb only secured the first set in the tiebreak. After that, things went really smooth and Djoker got every opponent out of the way without any effort. This is not the only reason why number one in the world is a favourite, of course.

Before start: Like the first match of the day between Daniil Medvedev and Casper Rudd, the evening match will also take place at the central stadium of Balpetor in Turin. It starts at 9 pm.

Before start: Good evening, and welcome to the second semi-final of the ATP Finals between Alexander Zverev and Novak Djokovic.