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London taxi manufacturer wants to introduce more electronic models | 12/19/21

COVENTRY (dpa-AFX) – The popular London black taxi manufacturer wants to take advantage of the growing demand for electric vehicles and expand its product range. So far, the London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) has introduced two electric models with the legendary LEVC TX taxi and the new VN5 truck. “There will be at least one larger truck to address the issue of ‘green logistics,'” LEVC head Jörg Hoffmann of the German news agency said. An e-rickshaw is planned for 2022.

It doesn’t have to stop there: “We can imagine entering the e-bus sector next year,” Hoffman said. “Public transportation should lead the way in this development.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson does not want to produce more petrol or diesel cars from 2030 onwards. Hoffman sees his company, which has come to be known as the London Taxi Company, in a good position for this change. “We’re driving the taxi and now we’re building on this platform and seeing what we can do more,” said the former head of Brazil at Audi. “We don’t have to completely reinvent ourselves. We actually reinvented ourselves years ago.” The subsidiary of the Chinese manufacturer Geely converted Black Cabs to electric motors in 2017.

In Hoffmann’s view, taxis still have potential, thanks in part to new mobility concepts. In Germany, he said, public transport companies that use TX in their ride-sharing offerings are the most important customer. “This is an interesting piece that really provides us with great growth opportunities.” Contributing to this is that there is a lot of public money in Germany for sustainability. “This is one of the reasons we are now thinking in the direction of the e-bus, because the fleet has to be replaced there as well,” Hoffman said. “I can’t imagine that the smelly diesel city buses will continue to drive in ten years. We are just beginning.” / Bvi / DP / jha

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