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Theatre: With Eric Kastner at the Weekend

Theatre: With Eric Kastner at the Weekend

Fourth year of HAK Braunau attended the play “Zug. Eine Reise mit Erich Kästner”

Broona. For the fourth year of HAK Braunau, the weekend of March 3 started with a morning break. At 11 o’clock they were practically on the train with Eric Kastner. Zelinzki-Theater Revue brought them back with the play “Zug. Journey with Erich Kästner” to an exciting journey through time from Kästner’s childhood to his heyday.

Amazing performance

One teacher said: “An exciting journey through time has taken us from Kästner’s childhood to his climax. The four musicians on stage arranged a story-rug with poems set to music and poignant images around this special ‘conversation’. This is how it is organized.” Dreadful Riders” as well as the tears from the anguish of love musically. Tight rehearsals were simulated with the drums, and the tears rolling down the strings gently plucked from the electric guitar were clearly audible.” The narrator is played by Charlie Rapbancer. He also wrote the lyrics.
HAK Braunau thanks Gugg for making the performance possible.

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