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Longer thanks to Sophia (Christian Drästel via Runplugged Runkit)

Longer thanks to Sophia (Christian Drästel via Runplugged Runkit)

05/28/2022, 792 characters

Actually, I didn’t want to walk that long, but then I wanted to finish listening to Sofia Bolkanova’s talk, which was posted on This year the distance exceeded 15 kilometers for the first time. Diseases were quiet halfway.

Activity: Being
Period: 01:16:09
distance: distance: 15490
Speed: 04:54
km/h: 12.24

shoes: Asics
Application: number
hour: Apple Watch

According to Rankett: Christian has traveled 159,210 km so far in May, averaging 5,686 km per day, an increase of 27.26 percent compared to April, when Christian’s average distance was 4,468 km per day. The hottest month for Christians so far: November 2020 at 10.999 km per day.

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SportWoche Podcast S1/08: Talk to Sofia Bolkanova about Liu Jia, Hapson/Gardos, John McEnroe and Harry Potter

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