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Wichtiges Sicherheitsupdate: macOS Big Sur 11.5.1 ist da

Apple releases macOS Big Sur 11.5.2 with bug fixes for all users

An apple Another macOS Big Sur update released tonight. According to Apple, this update to version 11.5.2 brings some seemingly important bug fixes and can now be downloaded and installed by all users.

Apple released another update for macOS Big Sur tonight. This latest update brings the version number to 11.5.2. Apple released the latest update for macOS Big Sur 11.5.1 to all users at the end of July, thus some serious security issues have been resolved.

The new Tonight update for macOS Big Sur 11.5.2 can now be downloaded and installed by all users. To start the download and installation, the update must be performed in the system settings of the region ProgrammingUpdate can be started. Then restart Mac it is necessary.

It is also advisable to create a new backup, for example using the system’s TimeMachine solution, before starting the update.

Apple offers more bug fixes for macOS Big Sur

With the update to macOS Big Sur 11.5.2, Apple is working on fixing some bugs and other problems. What kind of bug fixes, it’s not clear from Apple’s very meager notes on the update.

It may become clear later what was the content of this latest update. macOS Monterey, the next big macOS update, will be released to all users in the fall.

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