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Lufthansa and the pilots continue to negotiate - no strike at the moment

Lufthansa and the pilots continue to negotiate – no strike at the moment

Lufthansa pilots will not go on strike for the time being. Another meeting between the Cockpit Association (VC) and Lufthansa is scheduled for Tuesday.


The basics in brief

  • Lufthansa pilots want more wages as they are in negotiations with the airline.
  • The Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) union has already threatened to go on strike.
  • However, there will be no strike until the next meeting on Tuesday.

Until Tuesday, Lufthansa passengers do not have to do this pilot strikes to fear. company and the trade union Cockpit Vereinigung (VC) confirmed on Friday that it has arranged another meeting next Tuesday (August 30). A VC spokesperson said there will be no strikes until then.

Both sides have remained silent about the content of Lufthansa’s offering, which has since been improved and presented on Thursday. VC announced on Thursday that from now on strikes at any time can become.

Lufthansa pilots demand better wages

The tariff dispute officially revolves around an increase in wages for pilots of the main Lufthansa company and the freighter subsidiary Lufthansa Cargo. In addition to the new salary structure for the current year, venture capital is demanding 5.5 percent more and automatic inflation compensation from 2023.

In the background, there is also conflict about the company’s strategy. The VC wants as many aircraft as possible to be occupied under its tariff terms. However, the company is leading low-fare flight operations to take over parts of the routes.

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