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Severe winter weather prevails across the United States

Severe winter weather prevails across the United States

As of: January 12, 2024 5:48 PM

Some parts of the United States are affected by severe cold. Snow and ice caused traffic problems, especially in the Midwestern part of the country. More than 1,600 flights were cancelled.

The US National Weather Service has issued a severe cold warning for some parts of the country. A winter storm swept across the Midwest – with blizzard warnings issued for large parts of Iowa and Minnesota. Almost all major roads were partially or completely covered with snow. Snowfall in Kansas City, Missouri has caused numerous accidents.

In Iowa, snow and ice often brought traffic to a standstill.

A low of minus 24 degrees Celsius was recorded in South Dakota. Meteorologists have warned that the temperature will drop to minus 29 degrees Celsius by the end of the week. According to the National Weather Service, the current major weather conditions could trigger “life-threatening wind chills” and even tornadoes in the south of the country.

Flights are delayed or cancelled

Aviation was also affected: 1,643 flights were canceled and 1,238 were delayed, according to the FlightAware website. Delta Air Lines expects service disruptions due to wintry weather in the Midwest to last through Saturday.

Southwest Airlines advised travelers to prepare for disruptions to flights to and from Chicago, Detroit and Omaha. The Central Aviation Authority had already warned on Thursday of disruptions due to storms, snow and clouds.

Yesterday, millions of people were temporarily without power due to a violent rainstorm that lashed the US Northeast. Wind gusts of more than 150 kilometers per hour hit the state of Maine.

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