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Maja Haderlap talks about the memory of “Women of the Night”

Maja Haderlap talks about the memory of “Women of the Night”

Spittal Cultural Initiative “Pure literature” It celebrated its 30th anniversary last Tuesday with a reading by Maja Haderlap at Borsian Castle. This sold-out event provided visitors with an evening of literary delights. The initiative invited author Barbara Kreiner to read excerpts from her new novel, “Women of the Night.”

Maja Haderlap was read in Porsia Castle on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of “LiteraturPur”.
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The book tells the stories of three generations of women and the challenges they face through specific, internal role models. The Haderlap reading was accompanied musically by the Sonoma duo of Myra and Sarah Gregorich (violin and guitar), and they were sold out to the last seat.

30 years of “LiteraturPur”

The anniversary reading marks another landmark event in the history of “LiteraturPur”, which has been delighting Spittal’s cultural audience for three decades and providing literary attractions with first-class authors. In cooperation with “Section 7 – Culture” of the Municipality of Spittal, many cultural and literary events have been organized over the years.

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