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Major Google Update from August: The first effects are visible

Major Google Update from August: The first effects are visible

Three days after the August Google Core update began, the first animations on search results pages became visible.


It’s normal for major Google updates like this, too The “August 2023 Core Update” has been running since August 22nd It does not have an immediate effect, but the first movements become visible only after a few days.

After the current Google Core update started a few days ago, the first animations can now be seen. First of all, a look at the ranking trackers shows how RankRanger, SEMrush sensor And Cognitive SEO: RankRanger and cognitiveSEO are both showing a clear uptick through August 25th. The SEMrush sensor has been in an emergency for weeks now, so this diagram makes little sense:

RankRanger as of 08/25/2023

SEMrush sensor from 08/25/2023

Cognitive SEO from 08/25/2023

also in the WebmasterWorld forum There are now reports of changes in search traffic:

For my global and UK-focused sites, traffic has been down since the core update announcement, which isn’t a good start.

I’m not sure if it’s because of the update, but I’ve gotten a lot more traffic from Google News since the day before yesterday (before that it was almost 0). Sometimes the article provides a lot of traffic, which is normal, but in the three days there were different articles.

After I experienced the October 2022 “spam” update and lost 90% of my traffic and revenue. I was finally able to recover this month. August seemed like a great month. Now the G update has arrived though. slap. I am now 15-20% lower. However, fortunately, it’s still up 45% compared to last month.

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These movements are just the beginning. The update will take about two weeks. In the next few days, there will definitely be major changes in the ratings of some sites. Therefore, it may be useful to take a look at the developments regarding the most important keywords. But it’s also clear that a final evaluation isn’t worth it until after the update has been officially announced.

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