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310 kilometers on foot in 20 days

310 kilometers on foot in 20 days

Sometimes you have to travel to be able to say something. In this case, director Christina Schranz. The adventure she chose was right on her doorstep: the Bernstein Trail, a 310-kilometre hiking trail in Burgenland.

The Oberwart native has been on the road for 20 days and “On the Way on the Bernstein Trail” was filmed entirely on her cell phone — and can be viewed April 14 on ORF2.

It is fitting that the 32-year-old director and presenter came up with the idea for this project on another trip, albeit on a train.

“I firmly believe in teamwork which gives me hope in this time we are currently living in. It starts with yourself, one day at a time.”

Christina Schranz

“I've been wanting to do something on my own for a long time, but it's something realistic and possible. While researching, I came across Bernstein's path – and I have to admit I didn't even know some of the places in the country before my trip.”

“Lost” in southern Burgenland

This wasn't the only surprise the South Burgenland native, who lives in Vienna, experienced during her trip. “As I stood there in the steppe landscape of Lake Neusiedl and watched the sunrise, it became clear to me: You don't have to travel to distant countries to experience the beauty of nature or adventure – if you take the time and the eye to do so.”

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Naturally, the trip did not go completely smoothly. For example, in southern Burgenland, where the 32-year-old got lost on her first day near Heiligenbrunn in the Gosing district. On a windy, rainy day, she was walking wearily through the woods with no cell phone reception and disorientation, and there was not a person in sight.

People tell their stories

“You have to go through this now,” she thought to herself. The effort was worth it. Because on her way Christina Schranz met as many people as diverse as the country. Perfume growers, priests, sailors, rangers, avid hikers, winemakers, children and the elderly – everyone has an opinion about this film. “Beautiful, humble, helpful and interesting people can be found around every corner if you meet each other openly and unbiasedly.”

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Her chosen production method helped her. Because the film – except for the drone shots at the beginning and at the end – was shot exclusively with a mobile phone.

It's all about the right technology

“It works fine on its own and the cell phone is not as obvious as the camera crew, which is unusual for a lot of people and looks scary.”

Excerpts from the trip made in September 2023 are already on the website Instagram account By Christina Schranz.

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The project
Walk 310 kilometers for 20 days and make a movie on your cell phone.

iPhone 14 Pro Max,
Tripod, light, sound tube: Rode Vlogger Kit,
Installed radio connections/microphones: Rode Wireless Go II,
Gimbal: DJI Osmo Mobile 6, portable charger

310 km
The eastern route of the Bernstein Trail is long, with hikers waiting for 13 stages from north to south or vice versa.
Of course, only individual stages are possible. More information at Information about the burgenland website.

Broadcast date
“On the Road Bernstein” can be watched on ORF2 as part of the “Experience Austria” series on Sunday, April 14 at 4:30 PM EST.

In addition, logistics, route and accommodation options are planned. Schranz only had a backpack with enough water, sturdy shoes, sunscreen, head protection and of course provisions for each day's trek.

The 32-year-old spent between six and nine hours on the road every day, and was perhaps one of the first to walk the Bernstein Trail from start to finish.

Schranz also has a pro tip: “Hiking socks can be worn for multiple days. I haven't had a single blister on my foot in 20 days.”

And this movie taught her something else: “I'm a firm believer in teamwork, which gives me hope in this time we're living in. It starts with yourself, one day at a time. That's probably the greatest vision I'll take with me.” From this journey that I want to continue in life.”