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Sugarcoats Retro Sound: The Rudolfsheim Band Revive the Sixties

Sugarcoats Retro Sound: The Rudolfsheim Band Revive the Sixties

Hanna Randall is the frontwoman for the Sugarcoats from Rudolfsheim and has given insight into her musical life.

Vienna / RUDOLFSHEIM-FIVE HOUSE. When and how did you find your way into music?

Hannah Randall: I started singing when I was 11 years old in a gospel choir called the Vienna International Choir, with the direction of Sandy Schweighover Cooper. The impetus was given to me at that time by my grandmother – she said that singing makes you happy. I am very grateful to her for that! With the choir, we have traveled to cities such as Paris, Kraków and Prague and have performed in Vienna at “Licht ins Dunkel” and at the City Hall. Gospel music will always bring back fond memories for me.

What are your first steps as a musician?

After the choir caught fire, I learned to play the guitar and wrote my first songs. When I was 20 years old, I started my first band: The Passengers. At the same time, I regularly went to private lessons with the wonderful Eva Klampfer aka Lylit. Eva has perfect pitch, sings like a goddess and plays the piano really well. I was so lucky that I ended up with her right away.

Do you have a stage name, if so how did it come about?

No, Hannah Randall is my real name. However, it’s a rare name in Austria – she imported it from Australia, so to speak.

Please describe your music and style in a few words.

Now I prefer soul singing because music puts smiles on people’s faces and makes them dance. I also write my own stuff, but for that I need inspiration, and as we know, it comes when it pleases me.

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I sing in The Sugarcoats. I formed the band about 1.5 years ago and we do soul ballads along with contemporary hits and songs that you know from movies. We focus on the retro sound and are interested in the modern 1960s London culture.

How many people are you in the band?

We are eight now! At the last concert, we had to figure out who was there before we went on stage. It’s nice to work together on the sound and split the band jobs between us. It is also important that we have fun – in addition to the organized rehearsals and performances.

What do you value as a musician?

I want people to go home inspired and smiling after the performance. It’s also nice to get lost in a song on stage.

What are your best experiences as a singer?

When you find people you get along with musically and whose lyrics “just flow out of you” while playing together, it feels like pure magic.

Where have you already performed, are there any music events that you are proud of?

Last year, for example, we performed with the Sugarcoats at Gurtel Nightwalk or at Café 7 * Stern, along with Amiro and Popchor Wien. We also play at Wasserweltfest every year, which is a really cool multicultural event. It was also nice at Café Korb because it’s a very culturally oriented place.

I’m always proud when the weather’s good and the crowd really clicks – love it!

What are your future plans? What are you working on?

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I want to continue doing a lot with the Sugarcoats and spreading sweet soul music in Austria.

Since it’s important to me to understand and learn about the roots of music, I started working on a playlist: Where Does Soul Come From? What are the ancient types that gave rise to the soul? The playlist is a work in progress, an attempt at understanding. It aims to honor the artists – who are predominantly Afro-American – and to show the lineage of this beautiful genre.

Where can we see you live in Vienna soon?

On 06/30 we play in Club 1019 and 25.08. On Danube Island in Veganmania!

Do you compose your own songs, if so please briefly describe the content/topics of your songs – what drives you?

You can get an impression of my songwriting style on Soundcloud. With my previous Randall / Fuchsbichler project, I composed several songs – together with jazz saxophonist Wolfgang Fuchsbichler. By the way, it can also be found on YouTube.

What do you like and dislike about the fifteenth district?

I appreciate the cultural diversity and wild mix of Viennese Bobos and immigrants from all over the world. I also like Meiselmarkt, Auerwelsbachpark and Schmelz. Of course I love our rehearsal room on the 15th!

What I think is unfortunate is that the Westbahnpark project has become captive in this way. Everyone I know from XV wants this park so bad. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough green spaces in Rudolfsheim Fünfhaus. If there’s still something to do with the park and there’s an opening party, we’d love to play there!

Have you ever performed on the 15th, if so, where and how did you like it?

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We perform with the Sugarcoats every year at the Water World Festival. The organizers are wonderful people with a big heart for the youth and the colorful diversity of the area.

Have you traveled the world musically?

We hissed across Europe with the choir and in my second home Australia I had a few gigs. For now we are focusing on Austria with Sugarcoats. But maybe we’ll do a concert on a romantic beach in Italy or a historic square in Portugal – who knows?




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