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Mars Bridge: Great photos of the “Night Labyrinth”

Mars Bridge: Great photos of the “Night Labyrinth”

The probes orbiting Mars have sharp eyes on board. Now, thanks to these high-resolution cameras, the European Space Agency has taken a closer look at a fascinating region. The “Labyrinth of Night” tells a lot about the history of the Red Planet.

High resolution pictures of “Noctis Labyrinthus”

The European Space Agency’s Mars Express rover has been orbiting Mars for 20 years. Thanks to the High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC), the entire planet can be recorded in color and 3D at a resolution of about 10 metres; In selected areas, scientists can achieve an accuracy of up to two metres. Thanks to this tool, you can now experience a special region of Mars in a wonderful flight.

A video recently published by the European Space Agency shows a flyby over the eastern part of the Noctis Labyrinthus region from the HRSC’s perspective. The “Labyrinth of Night” is located between the “Grand Canyon” of Mars (Marineris Valley) and the highest volcanoes in the solar system (Tharsis Region). A huge system of deep gorges and steep ravines stretches 1,190 kilometers long.

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As NASA explains, the proximity to intense volcanic activity in nearby Tharsis also shaped this landscape. What is difficult for recordings to convey is the true dimensions of the formations. The intersecting valleys are up to 30 kilometers wide and 6 kilometers deep.

Mosaic in view

To collect data for the video, NASA combined images from eight Mars Express orbits into a mosaic. Thanks to HRSC capabilities, this can be integrated with a topographic terrain model. According to the European Space Agency, each second consists of 50 individual images.


  • The European Space Agency takes a closer look at the “night maze” on Mars
  • The European Space Agency’s Mars Express rover has been orbiting Mars for about 20 years
  • The HRSC High Resolution Camera captures Mars in color and 3D
  • The flyby video shows the eastern part of Noctis Labyrinthus.
  • Landscapes marked by volcanoes in nearby Tharsis
  • Valleys in the area reach 30 km in width and 6 km in depth
  • Data from eight Mars Express orbiters used in the video
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