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Mary or Paco?  This famous BB star flies from the TV space

Mary or Paco? This famous BB star flies from the TV space

Which Brumi’s older brotherShould the candidate leave TV prison today? Last Monday, events turned upside down in reality TV format: After Jorg Draeger (75) were chosen by fans, and there were also two More participants have been nominated: Super Dealers-consciousness Baku Steinbeck (46) The kickboxer Mary Lang (34). Now the audience has decided who they want to continue to see in the vault: The antique dealer must now finally pack his bags!

On Tuesday, Big Brother announced that Paco had received the fewest calls from fans — and had to leave the show. He is now missing out on the opportunity to continue the fight for the €100,000 prize money. The 46-year-old doesn’t seem to be too disappointed about it. “I am completely satisfied”He said TV has a bad reputation and is broadcast on both ears.

During his participation in the show, Baku had already clashed with the other participants several times – including with Pascal Caps (31) and Eric Senderman (33). In the end, he gave himself up Jorg Draeger A violent exchange of blows. “For example, my fists and I and Baku were in the air. He’s a great guy, but all he says is law, that’s not an opinion”The 75-year-old attacked him.

“Promi Big Brother – The Late Night Show” will start Friday, August 6, 2021 at 8:15 p.m. daily and “Promi Big Brother – The Late Night Show” right after that on Saturday 1 and on Joyn

“Brummy Big Brother” – Candidat Paco Steinbeck
Danny Liedict, Jörg Draeger, Mary Lang and Danny Buechner at “Celebrity Big Brother” 2021

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Mary Lang, Bromie Big Brother – Canditen 2021