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Match dealers against customers on Black Friday

Match dealers against customers on Black Friday

Black Friday, which comes from the USA, will only take place online this year due to the lockdown. For retailers, these days often end up in the red, for consumers with consumer hangovers. Some companies no longer offer competitive rates at all.

Save up to 70 percent on winter clothing by tomorrow. “Best Deals of the Year.” “Great offers every day, deeply discounted on all categories.” These days, the internet is full of such attractive calls. Black Friday is approaching, and with it the mass spending spree. Since Austria is in lockdown from Monday, it is scheduled to be held primarily online this year. In normal years, Black Friday, which comes from the US and is the shopping event of the year, has long found its way into established retail. Shopping City Süd, one of Austria’s largest malls, was heavily advertised on Facebook with a discount battle planned for November 26. There are discounts of up to 50 percent at 330 stores, as well as coupons and contests.

What is sold as a big party ends in tragedy for many traders. Small businesses in particular face a dilemma: Not getting involved is hard – the fear of leaving work to others is too great. However, often, only when the accounts are settled, it becomes clear that the sounding records brought good sales, but no profits. Business days are a double-edged sword for traders, says Ernst Gettenberger of the Institute of Trade and Marketing at JKU Linz. “The more popular days like these become, the more traders feel compelled to participate.”

“The more fitness you get, the less you will want to shop for discounts.”

Roman Brown, Mentalcoach

In addition, special shopping days such as Black Friday have dismantled the Christmas classics and increasingly shifted additional sales from December to November. Trade Union president Rainer Weil can see positive things from this, too: 75 percent of all customers on Black Friday and the following Cyber ​​Monday will use the offers to do their first Christmas shopping. “Shopping event dates are ideally placed to ring in the Christmas business.” Sales are expected to shift to the internet this year, as in the previous year. According to a survey by the trade association, Austrians are willing to spend an average of 297 euros during the campaign week, compared to 245 euros per capita the previous year.

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