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With Lockdown, the Packerl wave heads towards Post - Austria

With Lockdown, the Packerl wave heads towards Post – Austria

The Christmas holidays also increase the size of the packages.

The shutdown also means extra work at the post office, and the company expects an additional 80,000 packages per day. Currently, about 800,000 parcels are delivered daily.

At the post office alone, parcel volume is likely to increase by about 10 percent in the closing period. With 800,000 packages a day currently, this corresponds to an increase of 80,000 packages per day, a spokesperson for the Post said Monday, at the request of the APA. The mail is well stocked for such quantities. At Christmas 2020, she had to distribute up to 1.3 million parcels per day. Even with shöpping, Post’s online platform, a 10 percent increase in sales can be expected.

Online commerce is booming

In the second quarter, Swiss Post delivered 56 percent of all domestic parcels and handled a quarter of those that went abroad from Austria. According to the regulator RTR, a total of 150 million parcels were delivered in Austria in the first six months of the year – a 34 million increase over the first half of 2020. Austrians are now accustomed to one-click shopping. A mouse from their living room, Klaus Steinmauer, director of the RTR division, was sentenced.

Import sales tax since 1st July

From July 1, a import sales tax They get paid. Until then, small shipments of up to 22 euros were tax-free. Swiss Post and other service providers have assumed that this has halved the volume of parcels coming from third countries. Exact numbers from RTR won’t be available until February.

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