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TSU Obergänserndorf – What’s going wrong in Obergänserndorf

TSU Obergänserndorf – What’s going wrong in Obergänserndorf

The mood at TSU Obergänserndorf was already good before the start of the season. After a seventh-place finish the previous season and strong newcomers – on paper – there was great optimism that they could progress into similar areas this year. With one round to go until the end of the fall semester, that plan has failed, at least so far.

A measly ten points meant coach Michael Wagner and his men were bottom of the table and in serious danger of relegation. So what went wrong? Treatment attempt:

Demon of injury

It’s often used as an excuse in football, but for the Oberganserndorfers it’s a reality: first Mehmet Ali Keskin, who returned earlier than expected but was still disabled, then Michael Chodek, who will be sidelined for the whole autumn, and Terence True-Tuchko . , a very good striker, and among them is also the top scorer Mato Tadic. In other words: Wagner had to improvise over and over again, and was rarely able to play the combination he wanted.

Lack of discipline

The Men in Black didn’t always mean well for TSU, but four red or red-yellow cards — which would put them league-leading with the Piesamberger team — is simply too many. Because that’s how you weaken yourself over and over again.

Moderate breeze in a storm

Nine goals in 14 games is an absolute negative in the league, and Obergänserndofer’s attack rarely meets the demands. Only Tadic, who scored five of those nine goals, is exempt from criticism.

But Wagner doesn’t let this discourage him: “Complaining doesn’t help, we have to roll up our sleeves now and work to change this trend. We know what it’s like when things don’t go well. So I’m optimistic that we’ll get out of there again.” This league everything comes together anyway.” He’s right, because despite being in last place, Oberganserndorf are just one win away from the non-relegation zone and, for example, nine points away from ninth place.

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