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Microsoft integrates ChatGPT into the Swiftkey keyboard for Android

Microsoft integrates ChatGPT into the Swiftkey keyboard for Android

Microsoft is happy with the smart chat program chat And the program integrates more and more of its services. The US company has now announced via Twitter that ChatGPT is in the form of Bing AI bot In the Swiftkey keyboard For an integrated Android system. Anyone who has already installed the latest beta version of the keyboard app may be able to try out the chatbot.

Three jobs

how ZDNet reportsthe can SwiftKey Beta Downloaded from Google Play. If you already have the Swiftkey app on your Android device, you can switch between the current version and the beta version if you wish. Bing AI Bot can be used in Swiftkey Three jobs Which appear in three buttons above the letters on the keyboard:

  • Requests: As in the usual Bing search engine, you can enter terms and get search results right on your keyboard. You can switch between search results by swiping left and right.
  • Paraphrase the text: This is where it gets more interesting. You type text and let Bing AI Bot or ChatGPT paraphrase it. Various options are available: professional, colloquial, polite or social function. The text has been adapted to the selected option. If you click accept, the text will be moved to the input field. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the text into another application, for example.
  • conversation: Here you can talk to Bing AI Bot or ChatGPT, user can communicate by writing or by voice input. For example, you can ask the AI ​​to write a song about a specific topic.

Not available to everyone yet

According to Until now unknownWhether the job is currently in English only or Also in other languages mission. The feature is being rolled out gradually, according to Microsoft, so it’s recent Not yet for everyone Available to interested parties. The functionality is not yet available for Apple iOS.

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