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Google Photos can launch a new free backup plan for Pixel phones

Google Photos can launch a new free backup plan for Pixel phones

Google photos are Abandon the unlimited free backup plan At the end of the month, perhaps because he had the time to train his machine learning algorithms and now needs to start tapping into one of his best products. While Due to the current Google location, future pixels will not be eligible for unlimited free backupsThere seems to be a new level in the business of “free and unlimited” pixels.

The new level, called Storage Saver, was discovered by 9to5Google It is specially designed for Pixel phones as the code was detected on the last phone Google Photos copy She suggests. You will combine the two options that the backup service already provides: original quality and high quality. The former downloads the media as it is, while the latter compresses the images and reduces the resolution to 16MP if it is higher (this is the image that currently doesn’t count in your Google account storage).

<string name=”photos_cloudstorage_strings_impl_saver_learn_more_footer_pixel_express”>Unlimited storage in Storage saver or Express only applies to photos &amp; videos backed up from this Pixel device. &lt;a href=help:&gt;Learn more&lt;/a&gt;</string>

Some channels describe the new level as “a slight drop in quality” and “low resolution,” making it difficult to understand whether the backup quality is lower than the high quality level.

Submit leaks From Google Pixel 5a.

Maybe we’ll know more about it when it’s a The next Pixel phone, 5A 5G, will launch. Since Google no longer relies on hardware for an advantage, the The Pixel 4 series’ single radar did not fully function – It makes perfect sense to keep these privileges to make the pixel streak more appealing.

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