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Microsoft promises three years of updates for the Surface Duo 2

Microsoft Surface Duo 2 has just been introduced with Android 11. As usual, the issue of update support is coming up quickly. Shortly after the event, the company has now confirmed that the Surface Duo 2 will be supplied with updates for at least three years. Microsoft told Android Authority: “We are committed to providing operating system and security updates for three years.”

Same promise as the first Surface Duo has been published. Android 10 is still running on the first generation of the duo. According to its own statement, Microsoft still wants to fold Before the end of this year Update to Android 11. The same questions appear naturally on Surface Duo 2. Next month I will Android 12 It has been released and all Android 11 devices are officially outdated. Duo 2 seems to have just come to an end, so how long will you have to wait for Android 12?

Surface Duo 2 comes with a new one Triple camera setup, updated battery, new screens, and faster chipset A revised dual screen device. NFC is now also available. The inner edges of the screen are curved to make it easier to see notifications and when the device is off.

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