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Modern Warfare 2: Fans are disturbed by the loud footsteps again

Modern Warfare 2: Fans are disturbed by the loud footsteps again

With the release of the Season 1 update, the step size has been increased to Call of duty modern warfare 2 Big increase again.

There is talk of up to 75 percent and fans are not happy with this change.

Already swipe during the trial version

Already during the beta, fans have complained about loud footsteps that make it hard to hear anything else.

Sneaking and flanking has also become significantly more difficult. It was speculated that developer Infinity Ward wanted to encourage people to camp.

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With the shooter’s release, the volume has been tweaked down, but the Season 1 update has now changed dramatically in the opposite direction.

CoD YouTuber TheXclusiveAce posted an initial analysis on Twitter:

Why Infinity Ward made these changes is not clear. Fans believe that this is intended to accommodate new players who are interested in the game Warzone 2.0 downloaded.

At the same time, it could be a side effect to integrate Warzone into the Modern Warfare 2 launcher.

It remains to be seen if and to what extent Infinity Ward will correct the step noise level again.

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