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Unifi Mobility: Ubiquiti announces its mobile wireless router and management platform

Unifi Mobility: Ubiquiti announces its mobile wireless router and management platform

Ubiquiti’s Unifi platform gets mobile branch. Mobility is the name of this new solution that the networking specialist announced along with the new devices in Early Access. The device is a portable router, but it needs a power supply.

But it could also be a mobile power bank, since the device is powered via USB Type C. As usual with Early Access devices that can only be purchased and viewed under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), Ubiquiti offers few details. So it is unclear what power requirements the Unifi Mobile Router has.

Alternatively, the router can also be powered from a connection similar to a 48V connection, as is sometimes used in network environments. In addition, the device controls power consumption via Power over Ethernet (PoE) and can also supply other devices via PoE.

In terms of network technology, the system works with an LTE modem, even if the official video suggests otherwise. However, in the YouTube comments, the company makes it clear that it hasn’t mastered 5G. The display not only shows the connection strength, but also the remaining volume.

Mobile routers can also be managed centrally via the Unifi Mobility management platform. According to the ad video, this includes insight into the volume used. In addition, the contract can be modified.

Currently only available in the US store, the system is quite limited according to some commenters who seem to be not NDA-compliant. The device comes with a contract with AT&T. A couple of commenters said that a gigabyte actually costs $15 a month. For $70 there is 20 GB. However, the SIM card can be replaced.

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However, this information from the Early Access Store is provisional. The device can also change the technical data before the actual product is launched. In the comments, Ubiquiti itself confirms that it is the first product in this category. So more can be expected.