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TP-Link: The Tapo D230S1 Smart Video Doorbell is introduced

TP-Link: The Tapo D230S1 Smart Video Doorbell is introduced

TP-Link has introduced a new smart video doorbell with the Tapo D230S1. The system has been developed with the aim of providing homeowners with a higher level of security and improved protection for themselves and their homes with advanced features. The Tapo D230S1 is a complete home monitoring solution with user-friendly features intended to be quick and easy to set up.

One of the main features of the system is Live View. With the built-in Starlight sensor combined with the 5MP camera’s 2K resolution, it should be possible to see all the details even in poor lighting conditions. With a built-in spotlight, the Tapo D230S1 should be able to deliver video images with high quality detail at night.

In addition, the D230S1 should allow an above-average field of view of 160 degrees diagonally to look at visitors from head to toe—according to the manufacturer even from just a meter away. Since the D230S1 is designed to be IP64 water and dust resistant, it can be installed in any environment.

Thanks to its rechargeable and removable battery, the doorbell should have a lifespan of between 30 and 180 days—depending on setup. Videos recorded with the D230S1 can be stored either on a microSD card (up to 512GB) inserted into the hub or using the Tapo Care cloud storage service available specifically for the device.

The Tapo D230S1 also uses advanced AI algorithms, which should be able to accurately identify people and vehicles and even send appropriate notifications if needed. With built-in two-way audio technology or a recorded quick answer, parcel carriers and suppliers can easily be informed of the desired storage location for the parcel, eg. The D230S1 also features an anti-theft alarm function. This can automatically warn its owner if someone tries to remove the doorbell.

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The Tapo D230S1 can now be ordered as a set consisting of a video doorbell and a hub for € 129 in the official Tapo store and will be available in the coming weeks Available on Amazon He is.