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More Grätzel stories from “dokFilm”: Finale of the two-part series “Mein Bestes Wien” on August 7

10:15 PM on ORF 2, then “Daily History – At the Café”

Vienna As part of the famous ORF district and city images in the Sunday program “dokFilm” tape, ORF 2 tells more exciting stories about the district from the Federal Capital on August 7, 2022 at 10:15 pm with the conclusion of the two-part series “My Best Vienna”. Director Chico Klein designed production in 2019 as the finale to ORF’s 23-part series “Mein Bezirk” and showcases the highlights of all the Vienna photos, complete with previously unreleased material. The second and final episode of The Best of This is about the architectural landmarks that give the city in constant transformation a new face. For this purpose, Klein has visited new and thriving neighborhoods in Vienna’s construction scene, where access to the archive demonstrates how effective change can be in new parts of the city in just a decade. Among others, Ernst Molden, Michaux Friesz, Otto Schenk and Roland Neuwirth tell personal stories from their neighbourhoods.

Cafés are also an integral part of Viennese culture – as the episode of the ORF cult series “Everyday History” from 1994 shows, which follows at 11:20pm. In it, Elizabeth T. Spira, the documentary, with Vienna’s regular guests. The secret and charm of the Vienna Café is its audience made up of all walks of life. Spira frequents both high-end pastry shops within the city and sweet pie shops in the suburbs.

More on the content of “My Best Vienna” Part 2:

Vienna: This is Grätzel’s relaxation, preparing the ground where Viennese’s originals can thrive – the city with the highest quality of life often cited. But Vienna is also the capital of a sky storm that constantly scratches the mark of two million people. In the second part of this better production, director Chico Klein visits new areas with distinct architecture that give the ever-changing city a new face, such as the WU campus, Sonnwendviertel near the new main station, and the high-rise buildings on the Danube plateau, which have already given Vienna a skyline. , and aspirin stats. Archival footage reveals the impact of change on new neighborhoods in just a decade.
The main axes of this issue are the pride of the homeland and the border rivalry between the provinces and their residents. Singer-songwriter Ernst Molden says: The more similar the circles, the more rivalry. Even after so many years, actress Michaux Friesz must have been called a “traitor” because she went from Dobling’s bourgeoisie to Hitzing’s bourgeoisie. Otto Schenk has been a crowd favorite with city dwellers since childhood. It was always unreasonable for him to move to the outskirts of the city or even to the countryside. Wienerlied musician Roland Neuwirth lived in that part of Hernals where circles meet – enjoy the view of the gorgeous Wilhelminian villas from the “ugly town hall”.
At the end of the day, Chico Klein moves from densely populated areas to oases of calm: in the foothills of the Prater meadows and in Lubau. Areas that make you think not of big cities, but of a natural paradise.

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“My Best in Vienna” is a production of ORF, made by Felix Preisach Medinwerkstadt.

Fans of the cult series can find all 60 episodes of “Everyday Stories” by Elizabeth T. Spira to be broadcast on Flimmit (

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