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Hans Krankl flies again as “Nachtfalke” via Radio Vienna » Leadersnet

Hans Krankl flies again as “Nachtfalke” via Radio Vienna » Leadersnet

| Editorial Board

| October 4, 2023

Starting October 16, the football legend will be presenting treasures from his recording collection once a month. The broadcast recordings have now been completed.

On Monday 16 October, from 8 to 9 pm, after 25 years, Hans Krankl will spread his wings again in the role of “Nachtfalke” and provide the voices for “Dark Hours”. On October 3, there was information about filming.

Overall Moderates – with editorial support from Radio Vienna-Music expert Tommy Vitera – “Legendary” radio show.

Rare music

In his musical selection, the former footballer will primarily offer listeners rare, rarely played and forgotten gems from his own collection. The music selection promises songs from genres such as blues, jazz, soul, rock, rhythm and blues, and Latin.

Also known as “Johann K.” Popular artists performed red, white and red classics like “Aspirin” and headlined the local show with the hit song “Rusty Wings.” In addition, the ‘Julidor’ tells tales of the records he bought not only during his time as Barcelona’s striker and Spain’s top scorer.

“As legendary as his football skills.”

ORF Vienna Country Director Edgar Weinzeitel: “Hans Krankl’s musical taste is as legendary as his footballing skills. I have always had the impression that his recording collection extends across the entire penalty area. So I am particularly pleased to present this very special gem to our fans in Vienna and beyond.” Radio Vienna To be able to deliver.”

Radio Vienna-Program Director Jasmine Doulati: “Hans Krankl and ‘Nachtfalken’ bring back so many great memories from the 90s. His special and extensive musical repertoire and unique personality make this show at an all-time high. I look forward to hearing him again on Radio Vienna“.

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Hans Krankl: “Nachtfalken is a show of incredibly wonderful people, it has a lot of amazing artists, singers and bands. The best in the world and that’s fun. So I’m working hard from show to show, this show really makes it as beautiful as I feel it is in This moment, this is the most important thing…”

leadersnet He was there during the taping of the show. There are impressions here.