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More monsters and a new ending with update 3.0

More monsters and a new ending with update 3.0

Second update for Monster Hunter Rise (from 40,54€ in To buy) Appears (switch) to version 3.0. It adds two new monsters, a new ending to the main story, more missions, new weapons and armor, etc. to the game. One of the new monsters is a variant of Valstrax, the flagship monster from Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

Nintendo: “This larger, mysterious dragon is known as the Karmesite Valstrax and can slide through the air and change the shape of its wing to attack from unusual heights. New update version 3.0 also adds the Zinogre peak monster to the game. It shines again, shines bright and challenges players with unexpected attacks. In addition, it has been expanded. Monster Hunter Rise through a new mission, where its epic confrontation with the Narwa Thunder Snake and the Ibushi wind snake puts a new end to the story. New ending, new monsters, new missions, new weapons and armor as well as more weapons will be added to the game for free with the update to version 3.0 Tonight, another new gameplay content: DLC 3, available from today, introduces new fashion-forward hunters with new language options, gestures, hairstyles, stickers, sets, as well as bits of background music, and much more. “

Capcom wants to continue introducing the game in content and has more events and collaboration missions planned for June, July and August.

Current Last Video: 30 Valstrax New Ending Update

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