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Palestinian journalists complain that their accounts are blocked by WhatsApp

Palestinian journalists complain that their accounts are blocked by WhatsApp

A Palestinian in Gaza City looks at photos of his family members on mobile phones. Photo Archive: Cornerstone

Palestinian journalists complain that their accounts are blocked by WhatsApp

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook group has come under heavy criticism. He is accused of taking unilateral measures against Palestinian employees.

The latest move from The social networking site Facebook It made Palestinian WhatsApp users and their allies question whether they were being targeted by targeted censorship. This was reported by the Arabic news channel Al-Jazeera on Tuesday evening.

A few hours after the last ceasefire in the Gaza Strip came into effect, some Palestinian journalists in the coastal strip – including Al Jazeera’s chief correspondent Wael Dahdouh, and reporter Hisham Zaqout – discovered that they had been denied access to the smartphone messenger.

The WhatsApp It is an important tool for communicating with whistleblowers, editors, and the world outside Israel To communicate in the restricted area.

Facebook group is under fire

According to the Associated Press, 17 Gaza journalists have confirmed that their WhatsApp accounts have been blocked since last Friday. As of lunchtime Monday, only four journalists – working for Al Jazeera – have confirmed that their accounts have been restored.

Banning the WhatsApp application for journalists is just a more recent measure by the owner of the WhatsApp Facebook application that angered Palestinian users and their allies and asked why they were targeted by the American company or whether they were actually affected by censorship in the ongoing conflict with Israel.

Allegedly, live broadcasts showing the atrocities have been banned

Facebook came under attack last weekend with a coordinated social media campaign launched by pro-Palestinian activists to improve the ranking of the Facebook app in the App Store. an Apple And in The Google Play Store for Male in appearance Targeted to be aggravated.

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Among other things, the Facebook group was accused in open letters of blocking live posts and videos of Palestinian users. This “digital funnel” is unacceptable, according to app reviews.

An angry smartphone user wrote that Facebook has banned posts showing “atrocities” that were being committed Palestine At the hands of the occupation soldiers.

The current statement from Facebook is not available.



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