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More than 150,000 lines of dialogue, have the risks of the crisis increased?

More than 150,000 lines of dialogue, have the risks of the crisis increased?

from Michael Misculin
As part of Tokyo Game Show 2021, Microsoft had various announcements in the baggage. So is Todd Howard, Creative Director of Bethesda Game Studios, who is also overseeing development for the upcoming space science fiction RPG Starfield. Howard revealed that the role-playing game contained more than 150,000 lines of dialogue.

For a game, 150,000 lines of text – even for a dialogue-packed role-playing game like Starfield – is a whopping number. To be able to make a realistic comparison, one only has to look at the dialogues of similar Bethesda RPGs. Fallout 4 already had 110,000 lines of dialogue, while The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim had about 60,000 lines of dialogue. They are all set to music. A reliable statement about the size of the game can only be made to the extent that the game must contain a very good piece of story content. Story and SciFi fans can expect long sessions.

The only question that remains is whether Bethesda will get so many lines of dialogue and thus story content on stage reasonably well and without overburdening the development team. Because more lines of dialogue means not only more work for the authors, but also more work for the whole team. After all, the audio department, animation artists, programmers, and even level designers must be involved for smooth development. Especially in light of the risks of crisis (excessive overtime), so Bethesda must be careful not to overburden its employees until they overwork.

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