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More than 70 dead from tornadoes in Kentucky

More than 70 dead from tornadoes in Kentucky

Hurricanes erupted in the United States, and it is believed that up to 100 people were killed in Kentucky alone. About a hundred employees are trapped in a partially destroyed Amazon warehouse in Illinois.

More than 70 people were killed in tornadoes that hit the US state of Kentucky. Governor Andy Bashir told reporters on Saturday he was “now sure there are more than 70”. “It can even cross a hundred before the day is over.” Severe storms accompanied by a series of tornadoes hit several states in the southeastern and central United States on Friday. Deaths have also been reported from four other states.

During a visit to the disaster area, Bashir said the devastation in Kentucky was worse than initially expected. Talk about one of the “worst hurricanes in Kentucky history.” Hurricanes could have left a trail of devastation in the southeastern state more than 200 miles (320 kilometers) away. “Everything went their way. Houses, shops, government buildings – just gone. Parts of industrial plants, roofs in trees. It’s hard to imagine that this is possible.”

Mayfield was particularly affected by hurricanes. “Mayfield is ground zero,” the governor said, looking at the epicenter of the disaster. There, a candle factory was razed to the ground and, according to Besheers, about 110 people were said to have resided in it. The governor said 40 of the 110 workers have been rescued from the factory so far. “I am now standing in front of the old factory, the extent of the destruction that no one has ever seen,” Bashir told CNN.

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Amazon employees trapped in warehouses

Mayfield Mayor Cathy O’Nan confirmed that the candle factory was operating around the clock due to the Christmas season. The factory belongs to a local family and a major employer. Regarding the destruction that occurred in Mayfield, Mayfield Mayfield told CNN: “My heart is broken.”

Other states were hit by a devastating storm system on Saturday evening. CNN reported more than 30 tornadoes in six states. Two deaths have been reported in Arkansas. In Illinois, the roof of a distribution center operated by online retailer Amazon has partially collapsed, and there, too, there have been reports of deaths. It will be days before the full extent of the devastation is known.

Biden talks about an “unimaginable tragedy”

US President Joe Biden assured the affected states of the federal government’s support. “Losing a loved one in such a storm is an unimaginable tragedy,” Biden said on Saturday. “We are working with governors to make sure they have everything they need.” “We are saddened by the destruction,” Biden spokeswoman Jen Psaki wrote on Twitter. The White House is closely following the effects of Saturday night’s devastating storm system in large parts of the country.

The storm system is the latest in a string of natural disasters in the United States. The United States suffered devastating storms, severe flooding, and widespread wildfires that year. US President Biden sees the accumulation and severity of disasters as a result of climate change, which has made combating these disasters one of his top priorities.

Lori Wootton, a retiree from Dawson Springs, Kentucky, told CNN she sat out of the storm at a shelter. I heard the rain ‘and then it suddenly became very loud, like a train. It didn’t seem to take long, but it was very loud. Maybe three or four seconds, and then it was over. But when we got out and every other looking at the damage, it was unbelievable what had happened. In those three or four seconds.”

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The train derailed and ran towards the houses

In the town of Erlington, Kentucky, a storm caused a train to derail and crash into several homes. Hopkins County Sheriff Matt Sanderson said experts examined the items he carried and the number of people infected in the area.

In Edwardsville, southern Illinois, rescue work continued after a partial roof collapse at an Amazon distribution center. The number of people who were in the building in the town near St. Louis at the time was initially unclear. There are also reported deaths. Rescue work continued.

Kentucky Governor Bashir asked US President Joe Biden for help. “Kentucky needs federal assistance to respond to this event,” said a letter to Biden issued by the governor on Saturday. Widespread power outage. 17 out of 120 counties in the state were affected by the disaster. Bashir declared a state of emergency in Kentucky and activated the National Guard to help affected communities.

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