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Omicron's second suspected case in Salzburg

Omicron’s second suspected case in Salzburg

There is a suspected case of Omicron in the city of Salzburg. This traveler, as described, has been quarantined after returning from the virus variant area. And his gargling test yielded a positive result.


As the state of Salzburg announced on Friday evening, the returnees had no personal contact in Salzburg due to the immediate quarantine; Those coming from the same flight are currently being collected. Contact tracing of suspected Omikron cases is working as planned. The Salzburg City Health Authority communicates all information about the survey of an international contact person to AGES. To confirm the suspicion, a second sample was taken this afternoon by the Red Cross in Salzburg and taken to the laboratory for analysis. The first suspected Omicron case in Salzburg at the end of November involved a person from Vienna who apparently underwent a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test at his second home on Test Street. He came home from South Africa by plane.

Strict contact tracing of suspected Omikron cases

exists omicron contextRegardless of the vaccination status, the infected person will be incarcerated for 14 days from the date of the smear. Freest can be done on the 10th day with an official PCR test. For close contacts of a confirmed Omikron case, especially household contacts, the following applies: Due to the high level of infection, they must be isolated for two weeks regardless of their vaccination status and on the 13th day of quarantine, do an official PCR test to check if they are positive I became. Early free testing is not possible here.

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