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Morocco closes its borders to travelers from China

Morocco closes its borders to travelers from China

Due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus in China, Morocco is closing its borders to travelers arriving from the country. Rabat’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said today that travelers arriving from China “regardless of their nationality” will not be allowed to enter Morocco as of January 3. It applies until further notice.

The ministry cited “the development of the health situation in China regarding Covid-19” as the reason for the entry ban. A new wave of coronavirus infections in Morocco must be prevented “with all its consequences”.

Testing is compulsory in some countries

Beijing rolled back its strict anti-coronavirus policy in a radical U-turn in early December and has since lifted most coronavirus restrictions. Since then, the number of coronavirus infections in China has increased dramatically. A few days ago, Beijing also announced the end of quarantine requirements for returnees from abroad, which led to a rush for plane tickets.

Several countries have required mandatory coronavirus tests for travelers arriving from China in the past few days, including France, Italy and Spain as well as the USA.

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