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MOZART REQUIEM RAVELSBACH: 800 flocked to Mozart’s Requiem

MOZART REQUIEM RAVELSBACH: 800 flocked to Mozart’s Requiem

Mozart’s last work impressed the audience in two full churches.
Rafflesbach (gm). “It went really well and I was very moved,” says Eva Wolf-Exel, describing the performance of Mozart’s Requiem in the crowded monastery church in Eggenburg. Eva even came from Zwetel to hear the Cappella Ars choir again, conducted by Maria Magdalena Nödel, with whom she sang years ago. Franz Hofstütter came from Unterdürnbach to Ravelsbach for the second performance of Mozart’s Requiem. There was such a rush of visitors that tickets were sold out. “I heard this wonderful work for the first time as a visitor to the concert and everything was perfect,” explained Hofstäuter, who knows Mozart’s Requiem like no other. He has sung it seven times as a tenor soloist and twice as a cortenor. The National Choir Cappella Ars Musica is mainly made up of singers from the districts of Hollabrunn and Hoorn. Edmund Zellhofer of Maeso and his wife, Maria, have been singing for 26 years and appreciate their ability to participate in large choral projects. For the orchestra too, Maria Magdalena Nödl mainly managed to attract players from the region, such as Joachim Celoud from Hollabrunn on basset trumpet. “Mozart only used the basset trumpet, a type of alto clarinet with a dark sound, in a few works, including The Magic Flute,” says the Zellerndorf-born clarinettist. Violinist Jolanta Sosnowska, who was born in Poland and lectures at international master classes, can be earned as an outstanding conductor. The tenor soloist Martin Meyringer comes from Kleinridenthal, the soprano soloist Katharina Schäckert from Waidhoven / Thaya. The bass soloist was Georg Klimbacher, the alto soloist was sung by Ukrainian-born Nadia Khavrko. The 800 visitors honored the wonderful performance of the singers and instrumentalists with continuous applause.

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"That really went away"According to Eva Wolf-Excel.