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Mozilla Firefox 92 released

Mozilla has released Firefox 92 for Windows, Apple macOS, and Linux. This article summarizes the most important new features – as always on this blog in greater detail than those on other websites.

Download Mozilla Firefox for Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS and Linux

Firefox 92 introduces detailed improvements

Compared to previous versions, Firefox 92 is an inconspicuous update, which mainly offers detailed improvements rather than big new features.

Almost one of the most noticeable innovations in Firefox 92 is that the network errors error page has been visually revised and is now much more pleasant to look at without the bright yellow border.

The display of folders in the bookmarks toolbar has also been visually revised. These now follow the design of other menus in Firefox since version 89. The dialog to delete the latest event log now follows the design of the Proton introduced with Firefox 89.

Apple macOS users can now access the sharing functionality via the File menu in the menu bar.

JavaScript memory management improvements are designed to improve performance and memory consumption. Performance has also been improved with screen readers and other accessibility tools and should not be affected too much if Thunderbird is installed or updated after Firefox. Additionally, the open alert dialog no longer causes performance issues on other tabs that use the same process. Performance has also been improved with open developer tools.

Privacy has also been further improved: the geolocation API no longer allows location updates when the corresponding tab is in the background.

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The SmartBlock mechanism, which replaces scripts from well-known tracking services with a kind of alternative script, which ensures that website compatibility is not compromised, has been supplemented with Optimizely and Ads By Google alternative scripts.

Firefox can now automatically upgrade connections to HTTPS using HTTPS RR as the Alt-Svc header.

Full-gamut color levels are now supported for video playback on many systems. Photo support is activated with the ICC v4 profile within Apple macOS.

The new local storage application, which Mozilla has been working on for a long time, is activated by default in Firefox 92.

It should be noted that CSS property support is on the side of web standards color tone. Property Family Line Now supports System UI as a value. There have also been various improvements to the WebExtension interface for downloads.

As always, there is an overview of all the improvements to the web platform such as the new web standards supported in MDN Web Documents.

Of course, there have been bug fixes and other improvements in Firefox 92 as well.

Closed security holes

Also in Firefox 92 it was again Several security holes closed. For security reasons only, Firefox 92 update is highly recommended for all users.