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WhatsApp expands privacy settings

WhatsApp expands privacy settings

employment The WhatsApp Currently users can see different profile information of other users, such as Profile picture and info Or when the relevant contact last seen online I was. However, this information can be customized soon.

While users aCurrently, you can specify whether everyone, no one, or only contacts can view this information, if these posts must be compatible with the new privacy settings, Which according to WABetaInfo It is currently still in progress, and will soon be prepared individually. This way, certain contacts can be explicitly prevented from viewing profile information. You go to the setting “My contacts, except for …”.

Sender and receiver continue to have the same view

Then the Last Online Connection setting continues to be applied to the sender and recipient. If a person or group of people is denied access to the status, WhatsApp also hides their profile information in return.

Feature made for iOS Visible, but should also be rolled out for Android.

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