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Mozilla released Firefox Focus 101 for Android

Mozilla Firefox Klar 108 is released for Android

Firefox Klar is a specialized privacy browser. Mozilla has now released Firefox Klar 108 for Android.

Download Mozilla Firefox Klar for Google Android

Mozilla has released Firefox Focus 108 (international name: Firefox Focus 108) for Android. The exact version number is Firefox Klar 108.1.0.

What’s new in Firefox Klar 108 for Android

While Firefox 108 For an Android full of new features, Firefox Focus 108 is a quieter update that focuses on bug fixes and improvements under the hood. In addition, as always, there are new platform features for the existing GeckoView engine and closed security holes.

Notable improvements include the fact that the context menu for a search term selected in another browser no longer displays “Search privately” to send the search term to Firefox Klar, but instead “Search in Firefox Klar” to indicate which browser you are using to finally perform the search. In particular, since there are other browsers that do not name the browser at this point, users can see many options that look the same or the same, which can be very confusing.

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