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Mozilla VPN 2.21 has been released

Mozilla VPN 2.21 has been released

Mozilla has released version 2.21 of its VPN clients for Mozilla VPN. This article describes the new features of Mozilla VPN 2.21.

With Mozilla VPN, Mozilla offers its own virtual private network in cooperation with Mullvad, and in addition to being very easy to use, it promises fast performance, security and privacy thanks to the modern and thin WireGuard protocol: usage data is not recorded and is not logged. Works with a third-party analysis company to create usage profiles.

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Mozilla VPN Innovations 2.21

With the update to Mozilla VPN 2.21, Mozilla has introduced a new setting for new users right after registration, which can be used to configure basic settings.

The Tips and Tricks section in Settings has been removed. There is now a Help icon in each area, which can be used to view explanations.

Mozilla VPN 2.21

The in-app speed test has been removed without being replaced. The checkboxes in the settings have been replaced by so-called “toggle” buttons. Other than that, as always, the update also brings bug fixes and other improvements.

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