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Nintendo is excited to release Paper Mario: The Legend of the Aeon Gate with a new teaser

Nintendo is excited to release Paper Mario: The Legend of the Aeon Gate with a new teaser

Your Switch consoles are still a few weeks away Paper Mario: Legend of the Eternals Gate. To further heighten the anticipation, Nintendo is now revealing the following teaser.

the An original copy Mario's second appearance in paper form dates back to 2004. When he was released Remastered Fans were awakened by unexpected feelings of happiness. New videos and photos from the publisher aim to keep the bar high.

More & More (Paper) Mario: The Legend of the Aeon Gate Remaster is in starting position

As the main character of Nintendo, Mario and his friends have recently been receiving a lot of love from the company. Last year mascots were allowed to have nicknames such as Super Mario Bros Wonder And Super Mario RPG He is celebrated as a star. After Princess Peach with her performance in Princess Peach: Showtime! Mario has been hogging the spotlight lately, and Mario wants to be the center of attention again soon. In the May 23, 2024 He introduces himself as a cardboard worker in Paper Mario: The Legend of the Aeon Gate.

As the release approaches, Nintendo has introduced brand new material in the form of a file Videos On X. The 33-second teaser Features more excerpts from the adventures of Mario and his sidekick Goombella, including more examples of charming dialogue. The comic's art style and attention to detail in the template can definitely be recognized in the clip. Another post contains Peach's official invitation, in which she asks Mario to help her search for treasure in Rohlingen.

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– Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) April 3, 2024

New paint job Original GameCube title It has received many positive reactions so far. How great the anticipation was was also shown by how quickly fans joined Amazon Paper Mario: The Legend of the Aeon Gate is up for pre-orders I have overstepped. It goes without saying that they will be closely monitoring all the news surrounding their red-hatted idol until the next release.