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Multimedia project – “Prometheus Goes Pink Floyd” Neulingbach impressed

Multimedia project – “Prometheus Goes Pink Floyd” Neulingbach impressed

In the project “Prometheus Goes to Pink Floyd”, Pink Floyd’s music “Dark Side of the Moon” merges with the images of our Earth and is combined with picturesque dialogues between Hera and Zeus. Christa Berger wrote the script and also played Hera, and Zeus played Fritz Wenauer.

Who or what connects two contrasting themes such as Pink Floyd and the mythology of Prometheus? Fritz Weinauer, a Pink Floyd fan from the beginning and a travel and arts photographer, always wanted to showcase photos of his favorite album, “The Dark Side Of The Moon,” and says Beethoven’s “The Creatures of Prometheus” concert caught everyone’s attention. This album has a story inspired by Greek mythology: “Prometheus is considered the creator of people.”

In this now re-uploaded version, images of Fritz Weinauer are accompanied by Pink Floyd’s music. All the songs on this album are woven into the story. The most famous are “time” and “money”. Christa Berger has now written contemporary texts on the subject, which she and her theater partner Fritz Wenauer admirably presented to a very interested audience in one evening and one afternoon. Hera goes with her pious husband Zeus on a journey to Earth to observe what people are doing and highlight the wrongs of the day. Synopsis: Hope must live and peace must return to the beautiful, colorful land.

In keeping with this exciting theme, Gerhard Breitnecker has put together an impressive exhibition featuring a selection of his images created especially for this event: portraits of people, the beauties of nature and the universe as well as a variety of simple structures.

Using the photographs of Gerhard Breitnecker, the multiple vision of Fritz Weinauer, and the textual language of Christa Chelsea Berger, a multimedia project was created that wonderfully reflects our current way of life and has been enthusiastically received by visitors.

“The collage of images and music makes me think a lot and is very relevant to our times, yet presented in a specific and humorous way,” one viewer said.

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