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Music Competition: With the Gut Feeling of "Lie for Lower Austria"

Music Competition: With the Gut Feeling of “Lie for Lower Austria”

“We just love making music,” says Annie Gschwandtner, explaining the success of the Gut Feeling group. Her song “Hamm Koma” inspired the jury and audience at the finale of the singer-songwriter competition “Dein Lied für Niederösterreich” and took first place.

Gut Feeling, along with Gschwandtner, Birgit Trauner, Jonathan Lechner, and Norbert Trauner supported his sister and fellow musicians for a final appearance at ORF State Studio. Despite the young age of the band members, making music together has a long tradition: they played together at the music school in Retz, and then (“because we liked it so much”) came up with the idea to start our own band five years ago. The “gut feeling” was born. Stylistically, one moves in a complex way between pop, jazz and brass.

For the three actors, life revolves around the music, and not just being in the band. Because the three not only study at the University of Music Vienna, the trio also teach at music schools themselves.

Annie Gschwandtner says the idea for the competition came from a colleague. Then the song was written specifically for her, “by request”. It’s about the feeling of coming home. It was amazing that you even won. “In our song, the word Lower Austria appears only once,” says Gschwantner with a laugh.

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