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Music Schools – Boissdorf: an evening as a training

Music Schools – Boissdorf: an evening as a training

“It is very important for students at the music schools in Poesdorf and Statz to experience what it is like to play in front of a large audience before they perform at Prima la Musica,” asserts Richard Jock. The director of the music school from Poysdorf, together with his colleague from Staatz Peter Hofmann, organized the evening on Thursday and Friday at the Reichensteinhof in Poysdorf.

The students were able to present their complete Prima la Musica program to the guests. It all started with Los Instrumente with Gregor Berger, Elena Danesh and Clemens Neuretter. They play guitars for the first time in age group A, where Gregor Schneider also plays clarinet. Johannes Ulcher and Valentina Schofmann on trumpet and Victoria Strobl on flute in the first age group.

The highlight of the first evening was the appearance of Helena Hügel. She plays clarinet in her second age group and has made a wide range of music during her performances.

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