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MXoN Dream Teams Part 1

MXoN Dream Teams Part 1

If you want to put together MXoN Dream Teams, America is always a great place. It’s the old battle of the World Cup against the Americans, European fan culture against the monotonous chants of “America” ​​or “Red Puuuuuu”, spruce mopeds against blue, red and white jerseys.

A lot of history

Our editors, Matthias Schrader and yours truly, Martin Andersson, used their gray brain cells to find our MXoN Dream Teams. We had to dig into the past a lot because we experienced 50 MXoN live together. Mathias for the first time in Gaildorf in 1985 and in Franciacorta in 2009. Enough talk, Matthias starts with his dream team.

Team USA 1986: From left O’Mara, Johnson, Bailey / Photo: RacerX Archive

Mathias’ USA Dream Team

This week’s first task, which is to create the top three American MXoN heroes, couldn’t be harder. Amazingly, the Yankees were true late starters who began regularly sending guys with the stars and stripes in 1980 to intimidate the established European elite.

But the boys learned so quickly that they were almost unbeatable in the 1990s! The mega-star density of American pilots is correspondingly high, so it’s best not to start listing them at this point.

But which three are the best in my personal opinion? Comparisons across decades are always difficult and in principle you cannot leave one out. For example, is it conceivable not to nominate GOAT (Greatest of All Time) Ricky Carmichael for the dream trio?

1986 – Honda’s wet dream to date

Not really, but I’ll do it and pick the Red Dream from 1986 and the Honda team that made the races at Maggiore one of the most legendary MXoNs of all time: they manage it equally well to this day. David Bailey (500cc), Ricky Johnson (250cc) and Johnny O’Mara (125ccm) to achieve the absolute dream score; So they finished P1 and P2 in each race.

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In particular, “O’Sho” O’Mara immortalized himself – yes, that’s right, the Lawrence brothers’ trainer today – as he held the record for taking out all 250cc and 500cc pilots (except his teammate). Hufo. A true dream, performance by the Honda boys and one of the best tracks ever.

MXoN 1986 with Dream Team USA at Maggiora

Martin’s USA Dream Team

For me, there are many different drivers that I would like to have in the team, but these are my top 3 and they are definitely not chosen based on results.

A four-time MXoN winner Ryan Villopoto American rider with the most MXoN team wins of the 21st century. One of them was particularly impressive and probably unique – that’s what I thought until I read Matthias’ speech about Johnny O’Mara a few minutes ago.

In 2007, Villopoto dominated races at Buttes Creek and was over 4 seconds faster than the world elite at times. A lead of over 65 seconds in Run 2 and 15 seconds in Run 1 speaks volumes. Reed, Carmichael, Seb Purcell, Phillippers, Leok, Ramon, Searle, as the names behind the “photo” suggest, are no windfalls at the start.

Like “O’Show” O’Mara, Ryan competed on an MX2 bike and outclassed the competition on 450cc bikes. O’Mara’s performance in 125cc may be overestimated.

Bubba – The fastest man on the planet

Anyone called “the fastest man on the planet” – must be doing something right. James Stewart Revolutionized motocross and shaped an era. However, Bubba has only won the MXoN twice, at Donington Park in 2008 and Matterley Basin in 2006. I wasn’t there both times, but at least I got to see him in person at SX Percy and America. A feast for the eyes.

Why is Stewart on my dream team? James is simply guaranteed to entertain. Even if he isn’t the fastest on the track, and it isn’t always, his driving technique is worth a look. Stewart will always be my favorite, in his 125cc time.

A behind-the-scenes look at Team USA at Saint-Jean-d’Angély 2000

Travis Pastrana

You can see my focus when selecting a driver is not on all-time records or pure chances of winning, but on fun and still winning. America in general. That’s what you can do Travis Pastrana missing We all know Travis and know he was a badass FMXer or drove rally cars. But many people forget that he is also very good at riding motocross.

Winning the MXoN in Saint-Jean-d’Angély in 2000 with Ricky Carmichael and Ryan Hughes was great. Travis definitely rode the RM125 and didn’t stand a chance against the 250cc or 500cc bikes at the start. Travis shined not only with talent but with a lot of fighting spirit and a lot of overtaking maneuvers.

One of them blazed its way in the motocross world like no other. Pastrana flew a long slant past Stefan Roncada. (See video) Travis’ comeback in 2018 was legendary, as he raced for Puerto Rico at Red Bud with Ryan Sipes and Kevin Windom — on a two-stroke bike, of course.

Part 2 – Belgium

Well, I lied a little. James Stewart wasn’t always fast. In 2006 in Matterley Basin, a man from Belgium crossed the green monster from America while standing. More info on MXoN Dream Teams Part 2 – Belgium tomorrow.

Ps: What is your Dream Team USA? Write in the comments!