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NBA: San Antonio does not come out of the depths

NBA: San Antonio does not come out of the depths


The height of the San Antonio Spurs in the National Basketball Association (NBA) was short. After a surprising 102:93 success over the Milwaukee Bucks on Sunday, there was a 118:131 defeat at the Indiana Pacers on Monday.

Austrian Jakob Boltel scored 11 points, six rebounds and one assist in 22:01 minutes in the Texas’ fifth defeat in the seventh game of the season. Apart from Vienna’s midfield points at 11:10 in the fifth minute, Spurs have never advanced in Indianapolis.

In the first half they were already behind with 56:78. Only in the last quarter did San Antonio achieve a cosmetic result with a replacement. Degonte Murray was San Antonio’s most successful scorer with 16 points. Indiana was led by Lithuanian Domantas Sabonis, who scored 24 points, 13 rebounds and six assists.

REUTERS/USA Today Sports/Trevor Roskowski

Jacob Boltel (left) was unable to prevent San Antonio’s five defeats in the seventh game

“Our worst game this year”

“Our worst match of the year,” said Tottenham manager Greg Popovich. “We weren’t equal in defense today, and the Pacers scored really well,” said Pöltl, who was part of the Texas team’s 100th starting lineup.

Despite a poor start, Tottenham ranked third out of five teams with two wins and five losses in the Southwest Division of the Western Conference. On Wednesday, San Antonio hosts the Dallas Mavericks.

At the other end of the NBA table, the Chicago Bulls took their sixth win in their seventh game with 128:114 in the Boston Celtics and top the current NBA. Bolttle’s longtime teammate DeMar DeRozan scored 37 points.

National Basketball Association

Monday 1 November:
Indiana San Antonio * 131: 118
Charlotte Cleveland 110: 113
Philadelphia Portland 113: 103
Atlanta Washington 118: 111
Boston Chicago 114: 128
New York Toronto 104: 113
Memphis Denver 106: 97
Minnesota Orlando 97: 115
Los Angeles Clippers Oklahoma City 99:94
Tuesday 2 November:
Detroit Milwaukee -:-
Dallas Miami -:-
Utah Sacramento -:-
Phoenix New Orleans -:-
Los Angeles Lakers Houston -:-
Wednesday 3 November:
San Antonio Dallas -:-
Golden State Charlotte -:-
Orlando Boston -:-
Philadelphia Chicago -:-
Indiana New York -:-
Cleveland Portland -:-
Washington Toronto -:-
Brooklyn Atlanta -:-
Memphis Denver -:-
Minnesota Los Angeles Clippers -:-
Sacramento New Orleans -:-

* Pöltl with eleven points, six rebounds, one pass, and a block at 22:01 minutes

Western Conference

Eastern Conference


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