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Neighbors feel harassed ·

Neighbors feel harassed ·

The shooting of “Indiana Jones 5” isn’t really perfect. Production in London is a nuisance to some residents.

output fromIndiana Jones 5“Now in full swing. But things are not really going well. So did the main actor Harrison Ford in rehearsals Wounded by a fight scene. This failure now guarantees that exit James Mangold („Logan: Wolverine‘) The production schedule needs to be changed so that there are no more delays in the process while filming in the UK.

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In addition to Pinewood Studios, a house in London is used as a backdrop. How the sun You mentioned, the owner was compensated for saving the house with £50,000 (about €58,000). However, the neighbors are not very enthusiastic and describe the filming as “24/7 HellThere would have to be a permanent shortage of parking spaces, as the crew would have occupied 100 places. There would also be a meter high fence surrounding the group and lamps that glowed all night.

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Filming of ‘Indiana Jones 5’ is causing a shortage of parking spaces

One resident expressed his anger at the situation. After all, the owner of the house was not at home during the filming. Instead, the neighbors must suffer:

“One homeowner made a fortune and the rest of us with harassment. It’s a joke. They blocked the street, causing a lot of commotion. Some people fought on benches outside. I could hear angry noises and many cars driving around. At least people should make up.”

Hopefully this mess won’t cause more problems while shooting. Pictures from the filming of “Indiana Jones 5” It has already revealed that Indy will most likely have to face the Nazis again. There will also be flashbacks in Indy’s past. Some evidence suggests that the 79-year-old Ford is digitally revamped. What exactly will await us in the fifth adventure of the treasure hunter is still unknown. No later than the cinema release 28 July 2022 We will know more.

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