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Neuaigen – Wördern – Erdogan gives a presentation in Neuaigen

Neuaigen – Wördern – Erdogan gives a presentation in Neuaigen

Newington-Wardern 1:6. After Rust’s win over Zwentendorf, Wördern briefly dropped to fourth place. The Whites and Greens must have written “mandatory victory” on their to-do list at Wordrun. After all, Sunday’s game was about maintaining his status as Seitzenberg’s number one chaser over the winter break.

Doubts about the success of this project existed, at least for a short time. Half an hour after kick-off, Neuwigen’s Pedzetty equalized Tservenka’s first goal from a penalty kick. Shortly before, a free-kick was blocked by Wordern goalkeeper Curtis: the ball rebounded to the dangerous Matic, who burst into the penalty area and could only be stopped by a tackle from behind.

One man, five goals

Then came Deniz Erdogan. The Wördern striker appears to have set himself the goal of bringing down Neuaigen single-handedly. At least that’s exactly what he did: two minutes after Pedzetti’s penalty kick, Erdogan put the Whites back in front 1-2, and after another five minutes he scored to make it 1-3 and finally 1-4 shortly after. Before the break.

But Erdogan was not far from completing his perfect hat-trick. The striker would eventually score five goals. With the last goal, Neuaigner helped a lot by picking up a corner kick with his hands. After the goalkeeper was not there, there was a penalty kick. And Erdogan? Of course he converted it.

With the 1:6 win, Wördern regained second place and will spend the winter there. But Neweigen remained in eleventh place. “We are exactly where we belong,” was how angry SVN coach Mark Beller was after the defeat: “The way we appear is meaningless…”

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Newijn – St. Andhra/Th 1:6 (1:4).

Target sequence: 0:1 (22) Cervenka, 1:1 (29, penalty) Bedzeti, 1:2 (31) Erdogan, 1:3 (36) Erdogan, 1:4 (42) Erdogan, 1:5 (60) Erdogan , 1:6 (81st place, penalty kick) Erdogan.

Yellow cards: Daniil Matic (Unsportsmanlike Conduct 4th), Gashi (Unsportsmanlike Conduct 83rd), Bigler (Unsportsmanlike Conduct 54th); Erdogan (Unsportsmanlike Conduct No. 54), Basruk (Foul No. 41).

Newijn: Beeler. Petrovic (63. Krause), Dudakovic (63. Tesanovic), Schweifer, Berthold, Bigler, Marko Matic, Daniil Matic (71. Hochwart), Stankovic, Gashi, Pedzetti.

St. Andra/W: short; Cervenka (Franciskovic 34th), Erdogan, Akano, Basruk (Freudenberger 71st), Limani, Meta, Diemer, Wimmer, De Oliveira Polizzelli (Moja 71st), Reiss (Stojanovic 71st).

60 spectators, referee: Fikret Krzalic.