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Haag Concert Choir – Harmony Church Music

Haag Concert Choir – Harmony Church Music

Gospel and Johann Sebastian Bach? Afro-American Christian music meets giants of discursive literature. No contradiction, as one can encounter in the concert by the Haag Choir as part of the “Austria Sings Again!” In the parish church of Haag.

In addition to exciting passages from JS Bach’s “St Hosts”, “Free at Last”, “Over my Head” or “Come Let Us Sing” to the performance. Michaela Wolff, in charge of general direction, carried out this wonderful program with passion and precision with the Haag Choir, a formation with Lukas Ehebruster (piano), Raphael Reit (drums) and Bernhard Affengruber (bass) plus Johann Simon Kreuzpointner on organ.

Choir director Michaela Wolff also sang along with the Gospels.


The purest pain music in moving intimacy and heartfelt gospel songs loaded with positive energy. The singers acted brilliantly and the players were satisfied with great enthusiasm. A high tension and balance were created that lasted for the duration of the performance. Gospel and Bach complemented each other very well and never contradicted each other. Great enthusiasm for an inspiring evening of church music.

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